Family Biphyllidae Coleoptera - Polyphaga - Clavicornia - Erotylidae
  By Arved Lompe
Translated by: Mike Hackston
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  A small family within the Clavicornia, the members of which have been historically assigned to a number of families. They bear a superficial resemblance to Cryptophagidae due to their elongate shape. The disc of the pronotum has a longitudinal line each side between the centre line and the margins marked by hairs or punctures. Tarsi 5-segmented, the first four segments small and about equal; last segment much longer; segments two and three clearly lobed.  
#1 Club of the antennae 2-segmented [Abb.1].

   ...Biphyllus Dejean, 1821

-- Club of the antennae 3-segmented [Abb.2].

   ...Diplocoelus Guérin-Méneville, 1838

The separation of Diplocoelus on the basis of the broader ninth antennal segment appears to me to be very arbitrary.
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