Genus Pharaxonotha Reitter, 1875 Coleoptera - Polyphaga - Tarsen-5-5-5 - Languriidae
  By Arved Lompe (after G.A. Lohse)
Translated by: Mike Hackston
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  Recognised by the shining upper surface that is only microscopically hairy, thus appearing bare, by the elongate, parallel-sided shape and the punctured striae on the elytra. One species occurs in Central Europe, imported from America  
#1 Chestnut brown with rather paler antennae and legs. Head with the eyes very flattened. Pronotum with a clearly incised basal streak on each side near the base. Antennae with an elongate and very loosely segmented club. Length 4.0-4.7 mm.

   ...kirschii Reitter, 1875

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