Genus Noxius Jordan, 1936 Coleoptera - Rhynchophora - Anthribidae
  By Arved Lompe (after R. Frieser)
Translated by: Mike Hackston
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  Pronotum and elytra without clusters of hairs or raised tomentose areas.  
#1 Upper surface brown with pale hairs forming a chequered pattern [Abb.1]. Background colour of the elytra generally paler on the third to sixth intervals than the rest of the elytra. In southern forms the darker colour is reduced to a narrow strip along the suture and the sides. Antennae very short, reaching only slightly beyond the front margin of the pronotum in both sexes. Eyes rounded, convex, emarginate at the front [Abb.2]. Length 2-3 mm. Mediterranean species, extending northwards to southern Tyrol. On dead branches of various deciduous trees and shrubs, including Genista and Rubus. Probably also on coniferous wood. May to July.

   ...curtirostris (Mulsant & Rey, 1861)

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