Family Cimberidae Coleoptera - Rhynchophora
  By Arved Lompe (after G.A. Lohse)
Translated by: Mike Hackston
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  Two genera, each with a single species in Central Europe.  
#1 Rostrum comparatively short and thick with the antennae inserted beyond the middle [Abb.1]. Rostrum not longer than the pronotum. Labrum clearly visible. Head retracted into the pronotum up to the eyes. Second segment of the tarsi broadened triangularly at the tip. Claws simple

   ...Cimberis des Gozis, 1882

-- Rostrum long and thin, cylindrical, only broadened near the tip, longer than the pronotum. Labrum extremely small, hardly visible. Head not retracted into the pronotum as far as the eyes, with the temples clearly visible. Claws simple

   ...Doydirhynchus Dejean, 1821

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