Genus Cardoria Mulsant, 1862 Coleoptera - Polyphaga - Phytophaga - Cerambycidae - Lamiinae - Phytoeciini
  By Arved Lompe und Gerhard Brunne (after K.W. Harde)
Translated by: Mike Hackston
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#1 General appearance black with prostrate whitish-grey hair. Pronotum sometimes reddish-brown on top with an area in the middle towards the back and the scutellum immediately behind it conspicuously yellowish-white or yellowish-brown tomentose. Elytra reddish brown with patchy, whitish-grey hair. Legs reddish-brown, the tibiae usually paler reddish towards the base. Antennae reddish-brown with segments 3-5 paler reddish with darker tips. Length 7-14 mm. In steppe habitats on grasses, Adonis vernalis and Reseda. April to June. Ecology unknown. Pontic-Mediterranean species extending to Austria (Lower Austria) and Czech Republic/Slovakia.

   ...scutellata (F., 1792)

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