Genus: Acrulia Thomson, 1858 Coleoptera - Staphylinidae - Omaliinae
  By Arved Lompe (after G.A. Lohse)
Translated by: Mike Hackston
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  Characterised by the notched sides on the pronotum, the convex, oval shape of the body and the shining upper surface. Last segment of the maxillary palps about twice the length of the thickened penultimate segment. Last segment of the hind tarsi much longer than segments 1-4 combined.  
#1 Chestnut-brown, shining. Antennae, mouth-parts and legs reddish brown. Margins of the pronotum and elytra narrowly reddish brown. Upper surface densely punctured, particularly the elytra. Eyes distinctly protuberant. Antennae with the last 4-5 segments enlarged and broader than long. Elytra broader than the pronotum, convex, weakly bulbous [Abb.1]. Length 2-2.5 mm. Generally rare, mostly montane amongst rotting leaves and at sap runs.

   ...inflata (Gyllenhal, 1813)

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