Genus: Zavaljus Reitter, 1880 (Eicolyctus Sahlb.) Coleoptera - Languriidae
  By Arved Lompe (after H. Vogt)
Translated by: Mike Hackston
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  Elongate species. Elytra convex (similar in appearance to Tribolium confusum). Antennae 11-segmented, relatively short with segments three onwards rather broader than long and with an elongate 3-segmented club. Tarsi 5-segmented, the first four of similar structure, decreasing in length from the first to the fourth, unlobed; last segment almost as long as segments 2-4 combined.  
#1 Completely reddish-brown. Pronotum rather broader than long, with coarse and very dense punctures; sides of the pronotum set apart as a fine line, weakly notched, with a small broad tooth at the rear corner; front angles not conspicuous. Temples behind the eyes short with a tuft of hairs, sharply right-angled to the neck. Elytra with closely-spaced striae with punctures that alternate stronger and very fine and with very fine prostrate hairs. Length 5.0-5.5 mm. Larvae and adults carnivorous in red rotting wood of birch, alder and sycamore. An extremely rare relict species of ancient woodland; collected several times from Finland and Sweden and in 1950 from Slovakia (Greater Fatra mountains, Harmanec municipality).

   ...brunneus (Gyllenhal, 1808)

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